How can I preserve my wedding bouquet?

A lot of us are sentimental souls, (myself included) and like nothing more than keeping as many mementoes as possible from special occasions. A bride’s bouquet is often something she has dreamt about for many years and spent more than several hours trawling through Pinterest choosing, so it is no wonder that I am often… Read more

Choosing the right wedding florist.

  It can be a tough decision deciding which florist to book for your wedding day. This is possibly one of the biggest life events you will have ever had to organise and not to mention pay for. You need to make sure you have the right guy or gal for the job! There are so… Read more

What is a wedding flowers consultation?

Hmmm yes, a wedding flowers consultation, I’d err love to book one of those…what an earth is a wedding flowers consultation?! Perhaps it raises alarm bells for you and you feel that it’s just an opportunity for us wedding florists to get you hook line and sinker and hit you with all  our sales tactics…well, let me… Read more

When should I book my wedding florist?

I am often asked when is the best time to book your wedding florist. It is a difficult question to answer as so many floral designers operate very differently. Here at Boutique Blooms this is what we would advise… We often meet clients at wedding fairs when they are just at the ‘ideas’ stage, perhaps newly… Read more

Wedding fairs unveiled

Wedding fairs are a great resource for researching potential suppliers and inspiring ideas for your wedding day but they can also be truly overwhelming! I hope I can give you a few handy hints and tips to make sure you get the most out of your next wedding fair visit. If you are recently engaged you may well find yourself… Read more