Dogs at Weddings – Richmond Park

As a nation of dog lovers, our furry family are taking a significant role in our everyday lives so it goes without saying that when a couple gets hitched their family pet must be a part of their wedding day. We’ve got lots of hints and tips if you plan to make your dog part of yours…

We’ve seen your fur babies as best men, maid of honour, flower dog and even ring bearer. Whilst some of you might be thinking this is the most adorable idea you’ve ever heard, even the most dedicated dog owner might be imagining all the potential shenanigans that could go down with your dog making an appearance; whoopsies at the alter or muddy paws on white dresses. There are all sorts of worst case scenarios that could be going through your mind but we all know our own pets and rest assured the likely hood is it won’t be your furry friends that cause a scene!

Having your dog at your wedding will certainly be a talking point and make it memorable for both you and your guests. The cute factor will live on beyond your big day as you will have the most adorable wedding photos of you and your pooch that you can treasure forever. If your dog is a little shy or perhaps your wedding venue doesn’t allow dogs, don’t be disappointed, you can still dress them up and make them a part of your engagement photo shoot, there are lots of photographers who love to work with pets.

There are many different options for how to dress your dog so they look their best and feel a part of the big day; tutus, tux (and tails!) but not all dogs like to wear full clothing or costume. Our Cupid Collars are handmade using high quality silk and foam flowers with luxury satin ribbons. They can be made to match your wedding flowers and the ribbon to match your colour theme or bridesmaid dresses. The good thing about the silk flowers is you don’t have the worry of allergies and they have more longevity on a dog that fresh flowers would.

You want your dog to be as comfortable as possible. Cupid Collars have discreet velcro fastenings that attach to your dog’s current collar, the collar underneath hidden by beautiful blooms, ribbon and a show stopping bow. It also means that you don’t have the hassle of having to change identity tags from one collar to another.

I’ve used my dogs, frenchies Ely and Flavia for lots of photo shoots just like the one from the images in this post photographed by wedding and lifestyle photographer Lucie Watson at Richmond Park. Whilst I am a very proud parent and do my best with their ‘training’ they’re not always angels but there are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way that you can use for your wedding day.

  • Treats, treats and more treats! When it comes to the photographs or getting your dog to trot obediently down the aisle nothing works better than a bit of bribery.
  • Walkies. Making sure your dog has burned off any excess energy prior to the big event will ensure they’re not too over excited.
  • Practice makes perfect. If there is a specific task or pose you need from your pooch you better start training.
  • Doggy day care. Nominating a trusted friend, family member or even a pet care professional to be responsible for your dog for the day and someone to take care of them overnight so you don’t have the worry.
  • Quiet Time. Your dog might very sociable but even the most friendly dog will need a nice quiet area or space with a familiar blanket or basket so they can take a break away from the festivities.
  • Supplies. A doggy bag of essentials that will see your pup through the day with a water bowl, poo bags, toys, paper towels and cleaning spray (for any accidents) and don’t forget their dinner…wedding cake is not a nutritious meal for doggies!

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